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Local transportation


Nancy is a city that lives on foot. You are always within 5 minutes of a park or garden, your hotel, or a good restaurant.


Taking the bus is the quickest and cheapest way going to /coming from the city center.
For a map of the bus routes and prices, check the Stan website on
We suggest you to by a ticket named “PASS10” which allowed you 10 trips (can be shared with another person).


  • Velo Stan Lib’
  • If you want to move quickly in Nancy for short duration journeys, VéloStanLib’ offers free access to bicycles 24/7, 7/7 and in 29 stations particularly well distributed in the city.
    Numerous bicycle paths allow you to explore Nancy.
    It’s an environmentally friendly, easy and fast way to get around Nancy.

    Website VéloStanLib’ :


    Nancy taxis are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

    Phone: +33 3 83 376 537
    Email :
    Website :

    Shuttle Lorraine airport

    Arrival and Departure: Gare (train station) Nancy-St Léon.
    This shuttle bus is available for arrival and departure of the main flights.